60+ Essay Topic Ideas for 2021

If your instructor has assigned you to write an essay on the most recent topic, your search ends here. The following is a list of topics on which you can Write my essay yourself or hire a "write my essay" service.


  • Wheat and rice can be grown in ways other than the traditional ones.
  • Would Farmers Be Able to Use New Technology to Avoid Problems?
  • Is Harvest Insurance a Viable Option for an essay writing service in Financial Difficulties?
  • The web-based business has an impact on businesses all over the world.
  • Clarify India's Eco-Friendly Initiatives.
  • The Effects of a Cashless Economy
  • What Are the Consequences of Socioeconomic Inequality?
  • What Industrial Corridors Mean for Different Societal Classes
  • Is China posing a threat to the United States' status as a superpower?
  • Economic Implications of the Coronavirus
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Paper Writing Service
  • Why do you believe India left Rcep and ASEAN?
  • Who Were the Most Recent Nobel Prize Recipients?
  • Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Taking the Place of Banknotes?
  • Which Is More Efficient: A Formal Workplace or an Informal Organization?
  • Which Is Better: Outsourcing or a 9-to-5 Job?
  • Should women be solely responsible for their own safety in the workplace?
  • Human Jobs Are Being Replaced by write my paper Robots.
  • What Motivates Cultural Change.
  • Artificial Intelligence Will Rule the Future.
  • Religion's Influence on Education
  • How Do You Strike a Work-Life Balance?
  • Methods for Increasing Work Productivity.
  • Is it possible that our job sectors are gender-neutral?
  • Hereditarily Modified Organisms vs. Regular Vegetables
  • What Is the Solution to the Sub-Landmass Water Crisis?
  • How Effective Are Our Climate Conservation Efforts?
  • Why isn't the 3rs Technique widely used to combat pollution in Third World countries?
  • The Definition Of Professional Ethics
  • The Consequences of Free Expression
  • Socialism vs. Free Enterprise
  • Who Is a Country's National?
  • Make Some Electoral Reform Proposals.
  • Electoral Reform Is Required.
  • What Impact Does the Media Have on Society?
  • Will the UN Sustainable Development Goals be met?
  • What Are the Global Implications of the Indo-US Partnership?
  • Make sense of the Hong Kong crisis.
  • What caused the EU to fail?
  • The Effects of the European Union's Disorientation
  • During Covid, there was oil diplomacy.
  • Clarify Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Today's World.
  • Is it legal to engage in every moral action, and vice versa?
  • Is Social Media, Such as Twitter, Appropriate for the Classroom?
  • What Are Some Negative Effects of Social Media on the Lives of Teenagers?
  • What Motives Students to Pay for paper writing service Essays?
  • What Does Social Media Mean for Parents and Kids?
  • College Students Should Follow When Posting On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms
  • Is A Gluten-Free Diet Healthy?
  • McDonald's or Burger King: Which Is the Better Fast-Food Restaurant?
  • Where Can I Find the Best Cheap Eats in Town?
  • Is Starbucks or your neighborhood coffee shop superior?
  • Suggestions for the Best Athletic Diet
  • Is Organic Food Worth the Extra Money?
  • Should People Be Executed If They Commit A Crime?
  • How Do We Find Better Jurors For Serious Crimes?
  • Is It Beneficial to Have After-School Programs to Reduce Violence and Gang Involvement?
  • What Is the Purpose of Putting Someone Behind Dissertation Writing Services?
  • Should Employers Hire Disabled People?
  • Employers' methods of encouraging their employees to be healthy.
  • Nursing as a Career Option for Both Men and Women
  • Does a TV show about overweight people losing weight help or hurt them?
  • The Most Effective Type 2 Diabetes Treatment.
  • How Do You Quit Cigarette Smoking?
  • How Can We Prevent Antibiotic Resistance From Occurring Again?
  • Do Drugs Excessively Use Mental Illness Symptoms?
  • Is it true that violent imagery causes people to act violently?
  • Disney Movies Have Appealing Characteristics.
  • Showcase the plot of a show you binge-watch.


Here is a comprehensive list of essay topics that will be important in 2021. You will not be disappointed if you write an essay on any of these essay prompts or if you delegate it to an essay writer!

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